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Welcome to the Randolph College Campus Store!
We have all your Wildcat gear, Randolph College and Randolph-Macon Woman's College gifts and apparel.
​The Campus Store is located in West Hall in Caldwell Commons.

Textbooks are all ordered online through our partner MBS Direct.  Please visit http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/randolphcollege.htm to order your textbooks.

Hours of Operation during the academic year:
Monday-Friday 11am-3pm
open extended hours for events 

Special Hours SPRING 2016:
Jan. 17             Open      1:00-5:00     OPEN FOR TEXTBOOK PICKUP
Jan. 23             Open    11:30-3:30      SCHOLARSHIP DAY
Feb.  6             Open     12:00-2:00     BOARD OF TRUSTEE MEETING
Feb. 20            Open     11:30-3:30     SCHOLARSHIP DAY
Feb. 27            Open     11:30-3:30     ADMISSIONS OPEN HOUSE
Mar. 19            Open     11:30-3:30      ADMITTED STUDENT DAY & SCHOLARSHIP DAY
Apr.   2             Open    11:30-3:30      ADMITTED STUDENT DAY
Apr. 16             Open    11:30-3:30      ADMITTED STUDENT DAY
Apr. 23             Open    11:30-3:30      ADMISSIONS OPEN HOUSE
​May 14             Open    10:00-3:00     COMMENCEMENT WEEKEND
May 15             Open    12:00-4:00     COMMENCEMENT WEEKEND

May 4            Buyback    1:00-5:00
May 5            Buyback    9:00-4:00
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Randolph College Campus Store
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